Wolfgang E. Busch  
  Wolfgang is a qualified GAFTA & FOSFA Arbitrator

He also accepts appointments as Arbitrator under the LMAA Terms (supporting member) and as ICC Arbitrator.
  General Information  
  He joined Glencore Grain, Rotterdam in 1993 as a Claims Handler in the firm's Legal Department and specialized principally in dry shipping and commodities disputes.

He conducted London commodity (grain & veg. oils) and maritime arbitrations in all phases with expertise in a great variety of cases, skilled in research, planning of arbitration strategy. Advised personnel engaged in negotiations of trading contracts and giving advice to chartering department.

He retired from Glencore early 2009, founded Maritime Consultants and is now acting as a full time arbitrator (GAFTA / FOSFA / LMAA) and trade representative / legal consultant and has recently been admitted as member of the Board of Appeal of GAFTA
  Spoken & written: German (mother tongue), English, French & Dutch  
  defaults / damages / laytime / detention / strikes / deadfreight problems / time-bar issues / quantity & quality issues / strikes / settlement agreement / cancellation / non-performance / arrests / safe berth/port problems / jurisdiction and many more disputes.