This firm was launched in 1981 and we specialize in shipping and commodity arbitrations and claims handling under English law

Our shipping and commodity legal background offers you a unique blend of law and a broad-based commercial arbitration and litigation practice in the international trade of grain, vegetable oils and shipping

Nearly all of our work is international in nature and includes arbitrations conducted under the rules of arbitration authorities such as the LMAA, LCIA, GAFTA and FOSFA.

Our in-depth experience in arbitration gives us the edge in understanding your needs and focusing on solutions and enables us to take a flexible and resourceful approach to the increasing volume of commercial arbitration, which we handle.
Languages spoken fluently and used regularly in the course of our business at Maritime Consultants are English, French, Dutch and German.

Our understanding of your business ensures we meet the needs of your business promptly.
If you are looking for a claims-handler to help you with a matter that falls within our activities, we invite you to read the following pages to determine if our professional style appeals and our legal qualifications and experience apply to the matter for which you are seeking assistance.

The Maritime Consultants Team